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We are thankful. We are grateful.


Beloved's Story

As children we always looked forward to the one thing we had in common—our love for my mothers sweet potato pie, which was usually gone before Thanksgiving Day!  When I became an adult with my own children—baking cookies was easy to incorporate in our homeschooling.

It was later in life that the passion and joy for Sweet Potato Pie rekindled. I was blessed with two incredible women My Ruby “Brown” and Mama Lucy, both great cooks and especially of Sweet Potato Pie.  As fate would have, I took to calling them year after year about how I could bake my own!  I started tweaking the process and ingredients.  I shared my pies with folks here and even sold a few hundred. Then I fell in love with a very handsome country man who put a smile on my face and warmed my heart.  “You know I ate that lunch you fixed before I could get down the road, you’re a pretty good cook young lady!”  I blushed every time I brought him plate though he wasn’t a sweet eater he too was impressed with my pie.  

While working on the set of NBC Good Girls as a season stand-in and body double I was asked what else did I do.  I am  a former hospice chaplain, I am a singer-songwriter  and poet laureate.  But what else do you do if you know Cecil asked?  If you know anything about being on set , you hurry to wait a lot. 

“I bake!” I bake really good Sweet Potato Pie.  “Really?” He convinced me to share with crafty and catering.  They contracted me and in the words of Drake  I went from “zero—100!” He said “girl I travelled the world, Beloved this is some good pie!”  The crew, the cast members and transit bought, bought, bought and ate, ate, ate!  

Beloveds Sweets have come along way.  It is a family business, my beautiful daughter works with me side by side! Leading us upward and onward. My sons continue to make their investments.  

One of the things that keep me inspired is this simple phrase. “Your pies taste like love!”  If that’s not passion in a box I don’t know what is—the best part about love is that it can be experienced everyday even in the simplest of things—even a Sweet Potato Pie!