Don't Give Up On Your Dream

Move Forward

“Move forward.” I had to tell myself this when pursuing Beloved’s Sweets. As I continued going for my dream and diving into my business 100%, I quickly found out who truly supported me. I had less time to hang out and invested more time fulfilling what I knew would bring long-term wealth to my house hold and truly make a positive impact in the community. You see, I wasn’t only fulfilling my goals for myself. But for those who aspired to pursue entrepreneurship. Yes, those people needed this inspiration too. I spent more time focused on myself and what I could do to increase. Let me say this, not everyone will understand your drive. I had to be okay with that. Otherwise, I would have not propelled forward. And as you move forward there may be blocks to come blind your view but only you have the power to choose if this will be a stepping stool or a step down. I chose to step up. Today I charge you to remain stead-fast, unmovable, unshakable, UNBREAKABLE. You can fulfill your hearts desire, it will take time but its worth the sacrifice— knowing your long term goal and how close you are to achieving your dream.

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