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Our Gourmet Pies

Taste just like grandma'S

Based in Atlanta, GA

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We bake the best sweet potato pies


One bite and you will fall in love. Successfully, we sold over 3,000 pies, 400 cookies, 200 cupcakes in less than 300 days to satisfied customers who describe our pies as “addictive”"grandma's old-fashioned sweet potato pie”, and "it taste like velvet".


Our Clients

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Treat Yourself

We offer a selection of delicious gourmet pies, cookies, and sides, daily using the finest ingredients. We also take custom orders for those special occasions that deserve a little something special. We deliver in Atlanta and ship nationwide.


Made With Love

Beloved's Sweets is an online bakery owned by a native New Yorker with years of experience baking for family and friends who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. We believe in cooking with love.


Celebrities Love Our Pies

Our authentic taste test drop videos have gained over 15,500 views to date on Instagram.

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"Patti Labelle ain't got nothing on this!! This pie has their foot, arm, and wrist all in this."

- Dr. Jamal H. Bryant


"I fully endorse this delicious pie! OMG!!! And I am not a big fan of sweet potato pie but this one has changed my whole view! Orders yours today!"

- Nikki Freestyle, Plus-Size Fashion Blogger @

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"This is so good, why am I just learning about this?"

- Sen. Lester Jackson


"Beloved's sweet potato pies are the yummiest!"

- Christina Hendricks, Emmy-nominated actress from "Mad Men" & "Good Girls"